Hello Everyone!

I was born in 1964 on a little Air Force base in New Mexico.  I traveled the
world with my family as an Air Force dependant and then on my own as a
member of the United States Air Force. I have seen a great many things in my
life and have enjoyed most of them.
       I presently live on a small hill in rural Tennessee, about one mile from the
Kentucky Lake. The
Kentucky Lake is one of the worlds largest man made
lakes. Great fishing and a lot of water fun!  I moved to the country in
November of 2007 so that I could carve full time.
I also had dreamed of having
an old farm house with some property.
I  have realized this dream and I am
loving m
y country home. I have 5 dogs and they love thier big yard.
       I have been carving for over 20 years and continue to learn new and
different techniques each week. I have learned an awful lot from Jeff Phares
book "
Carving the Human Face". A must have book for any serious carver of
Native American Indian Faces.  You will notice that I carve mostly faces. That
is because I enjoy carving faces above all other types of carving. I also greatly
enjoy carving the Native American Indian face and try to bring honor to this
proud people group.
It is my hope that you enjoy my website and the pictures of my carvings. I al
so hope that if you are a carver of wood and have questions for me that yo
u will email me. If you are interested in a commissioned piece please let
me know via
email .

                   Thank You,
About Gordon Raistrick